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Are you or someone you know suffering the effects of low self-esteem?

Author, Certified trainer of NLP. Specialising in issues of Self Esteem.

Author, Certified trainer of NLP. Specialising in issues of Self Esteem.

Dear Friend

Somehow you found your way to this page – perhaps it was the internet, possibly someone referred you or maybe it was divine intervention – the important thing is that you are here.

For years now I have been assisting people to create lifestyles they can only dream about – a lifestyle of freedom, a sense of fulfillment, achievement, self-worth and joy – a lifestyle of choice.

Together we are going to revolutionize the whole way you show up in the world. This will help you feel incredible about your ability to achieve your greatest dreams. You’ll learn the critical yet little known secrets in order to be the person you need to be and to take the actions that will allow you sculpt the world in the likeness of your dreams! – whatever you’re looking to achieve can be yours whether that’s a better relationship with your kids, your spouse, your partner, your friends and family and your work colleagues or, most importantly, yourself.

Working directly with me is not an exclusive club, anyone who is serious about turning their life around and ready to play at 100% is welcome when, and if, I have openings in my calendar. My time is my most valued asset, and while there is a financial investment – I’m most interested in your own investment in your own transformation.

For this reason it is also easy to turn people away. I only choose to play with people who really want to move forward with their lives. I don’t need anyone screwing up my success ratio! I’m also not the least expensive choice, simply because of my vast life experience and training in this specific area of expertise – however I am always willing to refer people out if you would prefer to pay less or for some reason I am not personally able to take you on.

So if you’re serious about radically transforming your life..

Here’s the perfect candidate for my services –

  • If you are committed and ready to take charge of your life and your future
  • If you have had enough of being stuck and going nowhere fast
  • If you are ready to cut through the obstacles that life puts in your way

You need to understand this is not an opportunity to talk about “what could be” or “what would have been if” … this is about taking action and doing what needs to be done.

This will be expensive, although far less expensive than staying where you are. My clients are seeing positive results, some in a very short time and some take a little longer. I will work with you until you get the results you seek provided you continue to do the work required.

You can either save your investment, and never experience the massive shift and the benefits that go with that – or – you can make that investment and enjoy the results of your hard work.

You will be required to put into action what you learn and share those results so that we have a constant communication loop – meaning that you will be held to a higher standard. But to be clear, you do the real work.

So, here’s what you get –

  • We start off with a FREE one-on-one call with me where we will take a good look at where you are right now and see what’s not working for you and determine if we have a match for a working relationship.
  • Whether we have a great match or not I will guide you to the next detailed step to get things sorted ASAP so you can begin your new life immediately.
  • Should we wind up working together you’ll have access to the materials that will be relevant to your learning, not to overpower you but to support you.
  • We get together for a check-in every week to ensure your success.
  • We can choose to do this on a monthly basis to see that we have a good fit or we could choose to work together for a year.

This is how it works

You fill out the questionnaire below where I ask some questions, not to be nosey: I’m really wanting to get a greater understanding of where you are right now so I can best serve you.

Once I receive your completed questionnaire I will contact you in order to set an appointment for our free one-on-one session.

At the end of our first session together I will decide if we’re not a good match in which case I will tell you politely. If I decide we might be a good fit and we can work together, we can take it from there.

There will be no pressure. If you choose to use this opportunity to turn your life around, great – if not, then that’s fine too.

OK, let’s get started – here’s the first step.