Health Coaching

Have you heard the news – Australia has one of the most obese population on the planet – and how could this be affecting you or your loved ones?

Well maybe it doesn’t affect you and then maybe it does.

How do you feel about life and what life has to offer?  For example, how do you feel about your kids right now?  Would this be different if they were morbidly obese?  What are they eating?  How do they interact with other kids?  What if your kids became really sick (and how do you know they are not already) due to some of the 21st century influences that surround us every day?  How would you feel if they were to pre-decease you due to an obesity related issue?

When I was a kid at boarding school I was grossly overweight and that meant I did not/could not interact with the other kids in sporting activities because I could not run fast and therefore didn’t win – and no-one wants to be associated with a loser right?  I bore the brunt of many jokes and generally it was a lonely existence.

More recently I retired from paid work and spent some time at home finishing off some of my studies and I noticed that my clothes were being expected to s-t-r-e-t-c-h beyond where they should be and I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable.  I have now fixed that situation and you can too.  I found that I feel so much better about myself when I can fit into the clothes I like to wear and I feel more alive when I am not so heavy.

Our way of life tends to lead toward social occasions where there is often lots of food around and sometimes we just feel that we couldn’t leave that cake sitting over there all by itself (usually with all of its friends) and we would like to give it a good home.    And this is fine, provided you are in charge and not the cake.

Or we might find ourselves in the situation where we find our way to the pantry too often because we are a bit out of sorts or something just doesn’t feel quite right – there are thousands of reasons and the bottom line is that we are causing ourselves to suffer to an unnecessary extent.

Sound scary?  It should – these are real considerations today.  What are your values around life?

Is this a problem for you?   What have you tried in the past to fix the situation or have you failed to resolve the issue?   What happened?

Maybe it’s time to talk to someone about your situation in a non-judgemental and confidential environment.

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