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We humans can be complicated beings – especially when we really put our mind to it.  You wouldn’t think it was too hard to really communicate with someone – because you’ve really only got to open your mouth – haven’t you?

Well this does not always work to your advantage.  What happens when the other person is not on the same wavelength?  Would you like to find out how you could get yourself onto his wavelength?  Is that something that could be valuable?

And how about when you’re in a relationship with someone and you have one thing in your head and you have convinced yourself that what you have in your head is right because you know it’s the right thing and you just can’t get it into the other person’s head that what you know is right, is right.  And maybe it is right – right for you – how much richer would your relationship be if you could also make it right for the other person – that is, to present it to him in such a way he could understand what you are saying, what you are wanting to get across, what was so important to you and why you wanted it to be just right for him.  Is that something that could be of value to you?

Tony Robbins talks about the six core needs for humans and when we understand what these needs are, we can do our best to meet those needs if that is what will enrich the relationship and if that is what will get the message across.  Is that something that could be important to you?

What are your needs?  Are they being met?  How important is it to you that those needs be met?  Are they being met resourcefully – meaning in a positive uplifting win/win type of way or are they being met in an unresourceful way and how is that impacting on you and your relationship.

Some time ago I met this woman who married a lawyer thinking he was rich and could support her and their two children forever in a manner she would love to become accustomed to.  Unfortunately the young lawyer was not able to fulfil all those needs and the relationship subsequently turned sour.  How are their needs being met?  Who wins there – nobody right?

Is that the outcome you want?  What would have to happen for you to get the outcome you want in life?  Who would you need to be on your side?  What other resources would you need to make it happen the way you wanted – so everyone was a winner?  Who would you need to be?  What would you have to do – what would you want to feel?  How would you know when you had the outcome you are looking for?  Is a relationship the right thing for you, right now?  What is the purpose of a relationship in any event?  A relationship can be a relationship between parent and child, parent and parent, friend and friend – a relationship is a relationship between two people and if you want it to work you may need to take a look at who you are and what you do want before you can have what you want.

We humans can be complicated beings and we get more complicated especially when we decide it is a good time to be complicated – and that usually happens when things are not going too well – (or perhaps it’s the other way around).  This is what happens when you allow yourself to be buried in the problem – that’s all you can see.

How would you be if someone came along and bailed you out?  After all, people are not their behaviours, we generally go about doing something with the highest intention in mind and we use all of the resources we have available at the time – so we make the best choice possible.  Need someone to talk it over with – to help you help yourself come to a decision?
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