What I Do


Face to Face Coaching

Coaching Shadow Outline

This means I can come to you or you can come to me. Many people prefer face to face coaching because they feel more engaged, they feel they are getting the time and attention they need to help them help themselves move forward.
The downside of face to face coaching can be the time required in travelling to the coaching on time, will it mean time out of the office, who will mind the kids, how will I fit it into my schedule etc. If you want the coach to come to you, there is also the consideration of the coach’s time in not only providing the coaching service to you for a hour but also the coach’s travel time for which you will be expected to pay.

The face to face service is really only available if you live/work/play on the southern side of Adelaide.

Phone/Skype Coaching

Phone Coaching         skype_logo

Most people will opt for phone coaching because this means their schedule is not so interrupted, they only need to travel to their phone and you only pay for the time you are being coached.

This does mean that you will need to set aside some time for the session to allow yourself to receive the full value from the session and not be distracted by other business around you. This is a special time you have set aside for you to give value to yourself.

Group coaching

Group Coaching

This means generally coaching people about a pre-determined issue such as time management or some other subject which relates to the whole team. The session could include a subsequent question period.

The benefits with a group coaching session is that the cost to each individual person will be less and while the session is open to individual coaching, the individual does not have the privacy he or she would have in a one-on -one either face to face or over the phone.

The types of areas that group coaching is helpful for includes:

  • Time management
  • Goal setting
  • Negotiating skills
  • Meeting format
  • Keys to an achievable Outcome
  • The Five Principles for Success.
  • Other team related subjects.

Other areas in which I coach include:

  • Managing your weight so you can
  • Improving your eating habits
  • Smoking cessation
  • Managing stress
  • Mastering your relaxation habits.

These sessions are geared to help you help yourself with health issues so you can enjoy more of what life has to offer, and that may mean getting in shape for that special occasion or just your general well-being. These sessions also include hypnotherapy which my clients have found to be really helpful.

To my most supportive Coach, Margaret, many thanks for your tireless efforts to show me what a healthier life can be.

I am very appreciative of your tutelage and strategies which have enabled me to eat and exercise well.

The two hypnosis sessions also benefitted me greatly, so relaxing and intuitively truthful.



A coaching session is generally for a 50 minute hour unless agreed otherwise with the client.

In addition I also offer some mentoring services for other coaches who have their “P” plates on. If this is something that would be of value to you, please contact me for further information.