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We all know of family, friends or it may even be you, who are dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression.

We also know how invaluable support can be at times like this.

Any of these issues can have a huge negative impact and stop up from achieving our full potential and enjoying life.

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How to get rid of anxiety


Anxiety is a natural survival mechanism we all have and it is only when it gets out of control and it’s not working properly that there’s a problem. This could be that one or more of our primal needs are not being met and/or are out of balance.

Anxiety is essentially a feeling of dread around something that hasn’t happened yet. There are three elements of anxiety

  • The physical sensation you feel
  • The emotions you have while experiencing those sensations, and
  • The thoughts that go through your mind at the time.In most cases when we understand something, the fear goes away, leaving you with the confidence to tackle your thoughts.

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Depression Therapist Adelaide


When you suffer from depression, it feels like nothing can ever help, and nothing will ever change…

That is what depression does to your thinking. It makes you feel certain that you can never feel happy again.

It drains the pleasure from things you used to enjoy, makes you see everything through grey-tinted glasses and eradicates hope and energy.

In short, depression is a parasite that feeds off your life.

But when you know how depression works; what it needs to sustain it, then you start to gain power over it and hope starts to sprout again.

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Stress Therapist Adelaide


Stress is a word that we use to describe when we are feeling overwhelmed with a task or situation, when everything seems too much to manage, and we feel under pressure.

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When George came to me seeking some coaching earlier in my coaching life he told me he was looking for some help to get things going with his business.
After he told me what was going on in his life, I suggested we might first focus on getting his life in order because before he could function effectively in business, he needed to function effectively as a human being.
After working with George he was able to focus on what really mattered to him. George discovered he really does have all the resources he needs to succeed within him and has since excelled in the world of Toastmasters and has reconnected with his children and grandchildren. This has not only given George a sense of belonging but also a sense of achievement and purpose.

Sylvana came to me looking for some direction. She was lonely, sad and basically she felt life just sucked. She had been to different therapists and was still looking for an answer.
Within a very short time she discovered she had the answers all along and one of those answers was the realisation that she had choice: she could choose to wait for life to happen to her or she could choose to make life happen for her.
Sylvana has really taken that mindset on board and is now completing her studies at University and getting on with her life

* the names in these case studies have been changed for reasons of privacy

I met Marg at the “Success Formula For Life Workshop” where Marg was co-hosting with another coach that I had been previously working with. I am a person who enjoys self-development and very interested in learning about my own personal empowerment. What drew me to Marg at the workshop was her ‘no mucking around attitude …. read more…

Michelle Kneebone

Before I signed up for this coaching I was adrift. There were so many things I wanted but I wasn’t even beginning to gain any traction. I was paralysed. I felt unfulfilled, discontent and uncertain about my present and future. I was letting things happen to me and never making things happen for me. Thanks to Marg I now know there is a distinction between the two. .. Read more..

Tessa Danis, Streaky Bay

Before I came to see Marg I was a very sad, lonely and self-doubting person. I had minimal self-esteem and I felt that I could only see the world in black and white. I remember when I first spoke to Marg and she asked what it was that I wanted support with and my answer was just life ….read more…

Shanamae Davies, Aldinga Beach

Before I met Marg I was drowning in a sea of countless ideas and ‘to do’ lists, without the focus to pursue any of them. I was also preoccupied with the idea of creating a long term plan to help me achieve everything. Marg showed me the only way I would achieve something was to take one small step at a time. After three sessions, I was able to learn the power of focus and use it as a powerful tool whenever I need to get a task done. I feel I have made a small but significant step forward in achieving my goals. read more…

Lisa, Semaphore

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