A little ray of sunshine can really make a difference.

As I sit here sipping my tea the sun is shining and it occurred to me how light I felt. The energy from the sun can really make a world of difference to how we feel … inside.

Recently I had some tests done which revealed my Vitamin D was low and this meant a visit to the GP to have the situation remedied. I thought I was doing OK and getting enough sunshine since I go walking and other stuff outside, however it seems my efforts were not enough. Things change as we age and sometimes for the better and sometimes not so. We need to take care of ourselves.

After the first dose of Vitamin D I felt super-charged – and that’s just how I feel this morning with the sun shining on my window and bringing warmth and the promise of Spring. Even my husband’s canaries understand what this is all about and he proudly announced to me the other day that he has one “grand-birdie” in the nest already.

The energy the sun provides is a true gift and it’s this energy I wanted to touch on today.

When we feel good about ourselves we want to spread the good around – whatever that means to you.

For me, this is an ideal time to toss aside the dreariness of winter, a time for regeneration and moving forward. That could mean it’s time to clean up your house, your bad habits or just get your tax done. Basically it’s time to get off the couch and take care of yourself.

What does it take to be happy, to love yourself enough to really be the person you know you deserve to be? For some it may be a massage and for some it may be a new relationship, for others it could be a time to really assess where you are right now and clean out those dark and energy-draining states of mind some of us have from time to time. You are no doubt more than well aware that we store all those negative things in our bodies and when they have been stored for too long they can manifest into big black holes bringing their own downsides with them.

Now that it’s Spring and the sun is shining, let’s get rid of all that stuff that sucks the energy from our being and reward ourselves with a gift of promise and possibility, a gift of love and laughter, an opportunity to really make a contribution and grow within ourselves and truly be the person we were put on this earth to be. Time is running out and we have work to do.

I’d be glad to hear your views and remember – be kind to yourself – you are the best friend you have.

Talk soon