Chad Wilkinson

I first sought help in regards to smoking. I didn’t know where to go. After searching I was lucky enough to be recommended to Margaret. I have tried nicotine patches and ‘the cold turkey approach’. Very unsuccessfully So what next?

I first spoke to Margaret about hypnotherapy She believed in me “that I could do it”. I was still very sceptical and thought that being hypnotised all will be O.K. If you ever think that think again. Through coaching, beautiful organic tea and Margaret setting you on the right path this is step 1. I believe your mind I.E. your sub-conscious mind needs to be right. Everyone is different.
I found through speaking /sessions on a weekly bases I was able to reach the right mind set to be hypnotised. Through the coaching process I knew and Margaret realised alcohol was a problem as well.
I was unemployed, smoking and drinking. And now have a permanent job, don’t drink or smoke who would have thought I could have reached these goals. One person did Margaret.
No one is perfect and it will be a long journey but a journey well worth taking. “It is not all about the journey it is the destination”
I will have a long path ahead but so great to know I have endless support.
I keep in contact with Margaret on a regular bases and always look forward to seeing her and speaking to her. Margaret is always there for you either by phone or email.
I was very fortunate to meet such a special lady. I would be more than happy to speak to anyone who have any questions.
All the best on your journey “TOMORROW STARTS TODAY”

Date:25 October 2017

Michelle Kneebone
I met Marg at the “Success Formula For Life Workshop” where Marg was co-hosting with another coach that I had been previously working with. I am a person who enjoys self-development and very interested in learning about my own personal empowerment. What drew me to Marg at the workshop was her ‘no mucking around attitude and that if you want real improvements in your life and serious about it, then she was the coach for you. For me at the time, I was ready for a coach like Marg and I wanted to start looking at my relationship with food and seek out a coach who could be serious about helping me with those mind blocks that had been in the way with trying to lose weight. Marg spoke to me about using various techniques and one that was very effective was a gentle hypnotherapy session where Marg made positive suggestions to break mind blocks in my attitude towards food. I have lost approximately 10 kilos to date and know that Marg was instrumental in helping me shift my thoughts at becoming a healthier person inside. I now make choices that are better for my well being as Marg also helped me to visualise where I want to be in the future as a healthier person. If you are looking for sustainable change and serious about moving up to the next level, I would recommend Marg as someone that can help you. Marg has a direct approach so you can expect to hear some hard truths to get you to move up to the next level of change and not look back. Marg also offers her own personal stories to support you as well as sharing relevant literature and resources to encourage you with your goals. Thanks Marg for helping me to achieve my weight loss goal and the personal insight to the healthier me.

Date:16 September 2016

Tessa Danis

Before I signed up for this coaching I was adrift. There were so many things I wanted but I wasn’t even beginning to gain any traction. I was paralysed. I felt unfulfilled, discontent and uncertain about my present and future. I was letting things happen to me and never making things happen for me. Thanks to Marg I now know there is a distinction between the two. Not only was the distinction made, but I am now able to take control of my life and make things happen for me. After only six sessions with Marg I am like a reptile who has shed the dull, flaky skin of limiting beliefs. Underneath is a vibrant exterior of resilience and power. I can once again experience certainty, focus, relaxation, fulfilment and motivation every single day.

Katarina Kulak

Before I signed up with Marg – my  life was a pipe dream. I had a vague idea that somehow I would start something and then that would make me money.

It was just a big picture with no detail. Marg helped me to understand that the big picture is made up of lots of smaller parts and each one needs to be considered and dealt with.

I decided to do coaching with Marg at the suggestion of my son who could see that everything was too overwhelming for me that I instead I chose to do  nothing.

Once I began coaching with Marg, I soon realised that what I wanted was not what I first imagined. I needed to be totally honest with myself and do what I have always been passionate about instead of doing something that I thought was a good idea. With Marg’s guidance, I have now taken steps to follow my dream and share it with like minded people. The future looks great and I have lots of ideas to implement in due course.

With Marg’s help I have become a more organised person and have a “Can Do” attitude. My confidence has also improved as has my attitude.

Marg has a calm and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. If you feel you need a guiding hand – don’t hesitate!

Date:  November 2018

Shanamae Davies
Before I came to see Marg I was a very sad, lonely and self-doubting person. I had minimal self-esteem and I felt that I could only see the world in black and white. I remember when I first spoke to Marg and she asked what it was that I wanted support with and my answer was just life – I felt as though I was waking up just to go to work and come home again just to sleep and the same thing the next day. It was the same thing day in and day out with no excitement or mystery in my life. I was doubtful that she could even help me as I had seen several psychologists in the past always talking about my problems, etc. I never received a positive outcome. So began my journey to finding myself again and taking off the glasses to reveal a beautiful world of colour, joy and an amazing feeling of self-belief. I was blown away with the instant effect of doing time line therapy. The places that certain feelings first began were so bizarre, it was never something I would have thought to be the first building block to my life time of negative feelings. It was like playing a game of Jenga – pull out the bottom blocks and it all comes tumbling down – that’s exactly how it was for me. Working with Marg has allowed me to take a step back in all aspects of my life, take a breath and see a situation in a positive light – I have always self-scorned up until now – I don’t do that anymore. I love who I am and I feel my self-confidence growing by the day – I am not perfect but I am amazing. I live a fruitful life and have beautiful positive energy around me at all times – because that’s what I choose. I absolutely loved being hypnotised and plan on going back for hypnotherapy again. I have enjoyed my time with Marg so much – I honestly couldn’t put into words how she has made me feel about my-self. I have recommended Marg to several of my friends already and will continue to do so. Marg is awesome.


Before I met Marg I was drowning in a sea of countless ideas and ‘to do’ lists, without the focus to pursue any of them. I was also preoccupied with the idea of creating a long term plan to help me achieve everything. Marg showed me the only way I would achieve something was to take one small step at a time. After three sessions, I was able to learn the power of focus and use it as a powerful tool whenever I need to get a task done. I feel I have made a small but significant step forward in achieving my goals.

Jay Kulak

Before I met Marg I was running an online business, but I knew I wasn’t performing at my best due to being disorganised and not having a clear enough plan of exactly what I wanted out of my business and life. I was making decent income and thought I would feel more fulfilled, but I knew I was missing something and my life was way too complex. I wanted to take my life and business to the next level and simplify things, so that’s how I found Marg – I had no idea what to expect, but I knew doing something was better than not doing anything.

We’ve now had many sessions over the last several months and I’ve been very happy with my progress. Now for the first time in my life I have a clear path to follow. I now have a greater understanding of why I do the things I do and how I can best play to my strengths to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. This is huge for me as I’ve never really had a clear path before and would just do things more randomly than planning anything.

I’ve learned many practical tactics and skills from Marg and would highly recommend her if you’re wanting to improve your life, get rid of bad habits and learn valuable life skills they should have taught us in school!

The stress and uncertainty of the past is gone and has been replaced with a crystal clear vision for the future with the practical skills to get there. Thanks for everything Marg!

Date: Oct 2018