This is a subject about which I am extremely passionate.  Nutrition is a basic right to which everyone is entitled but something many lose out on.

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The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are enormous – you can

  • Live longer
  • Look and feel younger
  • Have more energy
  • Lose weight
  • Lower your blood cholesterol
  • Prevent and even reverse heart disease
  • Lower your risk of prostate, breast and other cancers
  • Preserve your eyesight in your later years
  • Prevent and treat diabetes
  • Avoid surgery in many instances
  • Vastly decrease the need for pharmaceutical drugs
  • Keep your bones strong
  • Avoid impotence
  • Avoid stroke
  • Prevent kidney stones
  • Keep your baby from getting Type 1 diabetes
  • Alleviate constipation
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Avoid Alzheimer’s disease
  • Beat arthritis
  • And more


And all this can be achieved by simply changing your diet

Wellness is a choice – your choice.  You can choose to be well or not.

Nutrition – proper nutrition –will give your body what it needs to function at optimal levels.

As you will be aware there is a plethora of diet advice in the market place – so what do we take notice of.  It can all become a bit confusing and overwhelming.

The information I am going to share with you is just that – information.  I’m not a doctor and I’m not prescribing any particular course of action for a specific complaint or condition.  If you have a medical condition you should seek the advice of a competent health professional.

There are many reasons why we are as we are and at the end of the day you need to find your own truth – work out what works for you.

There have been thousands of various studies on the subject.

One in particular was Weston A Price who was a dentist in the 1920s.  His curiosity was roused when he had a stack of patients wanting their teeth fixed.

He studied the diets of lots of the more primitive peoples of the world such as the Australian Aborigine, Eskimos, South Pacific Islanders, a particular isolated group of people in Switzerland and others.  As you can see, they field was varied.

What he discovered was that although all these peoples were very different and they ate different diets, they all had one thing in common.  They were incredibly healthy – they had big wide smiles and no need for the dentist.  Dr Price’s works are published in this book – Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.

Basically what he found was the diets of the more primitive peoples provided them with all the nutrition they needed.  As you will appreciate all of these people came from different parts of the world and obviously they didn’t eat the same food.  What Dr Price found was that these people had full broad faces which enabled their teeth to grow as they should and they generally had no cavities.  The one thing these various people had in common was they ate nutrition dense foods which gave their bodies all the nutrients they required to function as they should.

However, when these people were subjected to Western type diets, their faces became thin and there was less room for their teeth to come through so when they did they were often crooked and cramped.

One of the many things these studies showed was that when people did not receive the nutrition they required to develop as they were meant to, not only did their faces become narrower but this had an impact on their breathing and generally everything was out of kilter.

There is an article on the Liz Lipski/Digestive Wellness site ( by Dr. Raymond Silkman who is also a dentist.  In this article he talks about how our physical structure is compromised due to lack of good nutrition and the resulting lack of development of the maxilla which is a bony structure that provides the visible structure to the whole of the mid-facial area.  He describes one of the most serious consequences of the under development of the maxilla as being the obstruction of our airways and mouth breathing – we are meant to breathe through our noses.  The downside can be that the lungs will have difficulty providing maximum oxygenation for the body.

The article is headed “Is it Mental or is it Dental?

If you’re looking for recipes based on the Weston Price philosophy, I have Sally Fallon’s book  “Nourishing Traditions” available for $55.00 plus postage and handling.

Another study was done by T. Colin Campbell who talks about his work in The China Study.  His view is that if we eat nutrient rich plant foods, we are less likely to succumb to many of the degenerative diseases that we have in the west today.

And then there is Raymond Francis who has written several books, one of which is entitled Never be Sick Again.  In this author’s view, there is only one disease:  the malfunction of cells.  If the cells are healthy, then you are healthy.  When you take care of your cells by providing them with the nutrients they need and you keep them free of injurious toxins, then disease will not happen.

Basically what these people are saying is to consume whole unprocessed foods – there’s no need to worry about reading labels because you only buy foods – the whole foods – food without a bar code.

This will require some preparation and a different way of life but a very rewarding one in the long run.

So just to touch base on some of the diets –

  • The Metabolic Typing Diet by William Wolcott and Trish Fahey.  This basically says that people fall into one of the following categories meaning they will function best on
  • A protein diet
  • A carbohydrate diet or
  • A mixed diet.


There is a test in the book you can take to work out for yourself where you fit and then it could need some adjustment to get it right for you.

Once you begin to adhere to the diet of your particular metabolic type you will become more aware of your body and its needs.

You can also take the test on line at and you’ll get a print out with suggested foods for your type.

  • Then we’ve got Dr. Eric Berg talking about the 7 principles of fat burning.  He tells us to get healthy with a diet and exercise programme that’s right for you and the weight will come off  and your body will find its correct level.
  • The point is you want to keep it off once you get it off – yo-yo diets are not a good choice
  • This will require self discipline especially at the outset  If you find self-discipline an issue, then you need a coach.  After a while you will only be looking for the foods you want and not the ones you want to leave behind
  • Once you start to exercise with the necessary self discipline your self esteem will soar and you will be on your way to greatness.


So here are a few tips you might like to think about

  • Drink plenty of clean water – Dr. Batmanghelidj
  • Work out your metabolic type
  • Eat whole unprocessed food – food with no bar codes
  • Fibre is in the fruit and veg – we need to keep the freight moving
  • Eat slowly, chew your food – masticate.  Have you ever watched a cow eat – she will chew and chew and chew her cud.  This will aid digestion and the assimilation of the goodies in the food.
  • Put your fork down after every mouthful and don’t re-load until you have really chewed the last mouthful and it is liquefied before going down the hatch
  • Exercise daily, preferably about 30 – 60 minutes in the morning. Apart from toning up your muscles (which will also help make you look and feel great), it will also help to promote blood circulation.  You will feel more energised to carry out your daily duties/chores etc and it will also help your memory because your brain will be getting oxygenated blood to it.
  • Exercise will also help your breathing
  • Breathing is more than just in and out
  • If you take deep breaths – then slowly release it
  • You need to ensure your body is getting the oxygen it needs.  The mitochondria which are little power houses in your cells need oxygen to do their job, to give you the energy you need every day.
  • If you’ve ever seen someone having a heart attack you will know this is true.  When the heart is damaged and not able to pump the oxygenated blood around, the cells are suffocated and die.
  • Sleep – make sure you ‘re getting enough sleep to give your body time to recover
  • Eliminate the whites – especially at night – i.e. white sugar, white flour and white rice.   This means no donuts, no cake, no biscuits, no pasta, no soft drinks, no ice cream, just stick with protein, carbohydrates and some omega 3 fats like you find in fish and olive oil.
  • Eat light at night and as early as possible so you are not taking it to bed with you.
  • The most important word is “sacrifice” – going without in the short term so you can enjoy the benefits in the long term, delayed gratification in the short term so you can enjoy the benefits in the long term.
  • When you become self disciplined you actually like and respect yourself more.
  • Sacrifice means doing the things that you don’t like to do first – get them out of the way, so you can enjoy life later.
  • After all what is it that successful people do that unsuccessful people do not – it’ s the same thing.  If you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning, get over it and get on with it – thousands of successful people do it as well.
  • You need to ask yourself what it is that you want at the end of the day.  If it’s important for Dad to go fishing before he goes to the office, that’s fine, that’s the way he has prioritised his life
  • Believe in what you are doing.  The greatest test of all is self discipline and persisting in the face of adversity, drive yourself forward to complete your task and move towards your goal.


All great champions deserve a coach – why not you?