The Sounds of Silence

The Sounds of Silence

Why Silence?

Have you ever noticed when you’re walking through the forest it isn’t always easy to spot wildlife?  And when you stop walking, become still in your gait and still your mind – the silence descends.

At first this is a little foreign to many of us and soon the silence gives way to the sounds of nature and the various animals and birds begin to move.  This is when you can really appreciate nature and the silence that brings nature to life.

Would this be something you could use?  (more…)

Listen – what can you hear?

Hello – listen – what can you hear?

Why do we listen?  For what purpose do you listen?  To whom do you listen?  For what are you listening?  Are there times when you listen more completely than others?  When you do listen, do you really hear what the other person is saying?

Are you listening to gain information or knowledge?  Are you listening to learn something in a specific environment?  For example, is the degree of your listening different when you hear the flight attendant giving you the safety instructions before take-off to what it would be if, half-way to your destination there was an announcement the engines were on fire and the plane was going down?

Being totally present in a conversation is one of the least expensive and most treasured gifts you can give anyone.  What you listen for determines what you get out of the conversation.


More About Having an Attitude of Gratitude

Hi Everyone

I thought I’d talk a little more about Gratitude – and the need to have an attitude of gratitude.

Thank you – just two little words that can make a world of difference to both the giver and the receiver.

When we take the time to really appreciate things, whether it’s the smell of a rose or a kind gesture, a peaceful moment or a good book, we feel good about ourselves.  Just take a moment to be truly grateful for those little things in life that make such a difference.


How Are You Going With That New Year’s Resolution?

Hi Everyone

How are you going with that New Year’s Resolution?  Still committed?  Still hanging in there?

Most people who make a New Year’s Resolution have forgotten about them by now and if you are one of the few committed people sticking to your guns, you are already a star.

If you are not committed to the success of your New Year’s Resolution, how does that make you feel?  Is this starting something and not finishing it a familiar pattern for you?  Is this what you do in all areas of your life or do you specialise in one or two areas of your life?


New Year’s Resolution

Hi Everyone

New Year’s Resolution – one year has ended and it’s the start of yet another year – a time when people make New Year’s Resolutions – after all we’re all looking for a brighter future.

Let me ask you – what will your New Year’s Resolution be?  What do you want to be better next year and on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being totally committed, just how committed are you to achieving your resolution?

For most people, their New Year’s Resolution has become a thing of the past by the end of January.  It’s the time of year when the holidays have come to an end, the kids are going back to school, you go back to work and before you know it, you’re back on the merry-go-round again.



Hi Everyone

Time – is this real or just a man-made concept?

We talk about saving time – so where does it go – do we have an account somewhere like we have an account at the bank where we can save our money?



Hi Everyone

This issue the subject is Money.  What are your thoughts?

What is money and how is it important to you?  When you think of money, what picture do you have in your mind, what do you hear other people say when they are talking about money and what are you saying to yourself?  What does money feel like, what does having money feel like, what does it feel like when you don’t have money.  What does money give you and what does it cost to have that money.  What are you prepared to do to get money?  How is that important to you?

Lots of questions and, while you may be thinking what a funny lot of questions I wonder whether you have given them much thought before now. 


Rapport – the Art of Connecting

Hi Everyone

The topic of discussion for this newsletter is Rapport – the art of connecting.  This is always important and with the festive season almost upon us it is possibly even more important.

Would you like to be able to establish rapport with anyone at any time?  Is that something that would be of value to you?

Would feeling at ease with someone make you feel good about that person to the point you would feel free to chat with them, to possibly have a deep and meaningful conversation?


Customer Service

Today I thought  I would like to talk about Customer Service.

How much does it cost you to acquire a new customer?  What, to you, is a new customer – a one off or someone who then comes back to you again and again?

How much would it cost you to retain that new customer?

Would having a happy customer be good for your business?

Would you like a happy customer refer other customers to you?  Is this something you would value?