Five Principles for Success – Part 1

As I was thinking about what to write for my first newsletter “Success” sprang to mind.  We all want success and, in when you think about it, success is so subjective.  What success means to you is something different to what it means to me.

This is the first in a series of articles about the principles for success – for everyone.


Habits – are they serving you or hindering you?

We talk about something we do as being a good habit or a bad habit – Have you ever thought about what a good habit is, or the consequences of what a bad habit might be?

Success, according to Robert J Ringer – Author of Million Dollar Habits, is a matter of understanding and religiously practising specific simple habits that always lead to success.

Are your habits determing the outcome you are expecting or are they the excuses you use for not achieving (more…)

Are We Giving Away Our Power?

How often do we really listen to what we say?  How aware area we of what comes out of our mouth? Does our body language reflect what we say?

Conversely, how well do we listen to what others say – I mean really listen with our heart?


Are You Running On Empty?

This is a subject about which I am extremely passionate.  Nutrition is a basic right to which everyone is entitled but something many lose out on.

I completed my Health Coaching studies with Hilton Johnson in March 2011 – see for more details.

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are enormous – you can