What has to happen before you make the decision to move forward?

I was contemplating this question earlier around my writing a blog that focusses on relationships. The first relationship we need to focus on is the relationship we have with ourselves.

In my search I quickly discovered there are loads of people telling us what we should do. What I discovered is that before we do what we should do, we might take a good hard look at just who we are being.

During my search for what I was looking for it came to my notice that I am the only person who knew what I was searching for.

We can easily just float along in life just getting by and blaming everyone and everything for whatever is not going our way. Sitting on the sideline at a sporting event and hurling advice at the players is easy. What does it accomplish?

After some consideration and lots of procrastination I came to the conclusion one of the things I was being is selfish After all, I had spent years and years searching and all the while the answer was inside me.

So where to from here? My first thought was – I need a plan, I need to go somewhere with this. I need to share some of the benefits of what I learned along the way and, perhaps, what might be more powerful is if I were to show people how to find the answer they are seeking.

To this end, I have palled up with my friend Claire and we are running a series of workshops at Marie’s Crystal Cave, Snapper Point, Aldinga Beach. Our first event will take place on Tuesday 2 May at 7pm to 8.30pm. For this to succeed, it is our intention to address the things that are concerning the participants around their personal world. For example, there’s nothing you or I can do about how Donald Trump combs his hair however we can take a look at some of the things we do around some of our issues.

This is a non-judgmental and confidential environment meaning that whatever is said in the environment, stays there.

We all have needs which need to be fulfilled so we get what we want and one of my needs is to make a contribution of my time to others.

So, who’s open to taking a look Details can be found on Meetup Coach N Chat with Marg and Claire.

Looking forward to seeing you there. Marg and Claire.