You may be asking yourself, when do I need a coach?

It may be at times when ….

  • You are feeling out of balance in your life and work. One seems to be taking over more than the other.
  •  You may have recently retired, been made redundant, or moved interstate. Any type of lifestyle change, including a change in relationships, and friendships.
  • You are facing stressful situations at work and/or at home. Each one impacts the other.
  • You are feeling anxious, or depressed, when feelings of self-doubt impede your progress.
  • You want to discover more of yourself, and build self-confidence.

Marg Hobby, an experienced coach & NLP practitioner, offers a number of coaching solutions to help you learn to love your life again.

Face to Face Coaching

Face-to-Face coaching means that you can meet up with Marg at a convenient location in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. Face to face coaching can help you feel more engaged and that you are getting the attention and time you need.  This will require you to be organised, and take time out of your day for the meeting as well as travelling time. Marg can come to you, however there will be an added cost for her travelling time.

Phone or Skype Coaching

The most convenient way for the coaching session to occur for some people is via Skype or phone. Many people choose this as an easier way to schedule the session into their day. You will need to set aside the time in a room where you can give your attention to the session and not be distracted by others. Value this time.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching sessions are held monthly in Aldinga, South Australia.  These sessions have a predetermined topic that relates to the whole group and include discussion and question time. The benefit of the group coaching is that the cost for each individual person will be less, however, there is no privacy for a one-to-one session.

How To Book Coaching

Click Here to book Face-to-Face or Skype/Phone Coaching.  Alternatively email or call Marg to book Group Coaching or to arrange another time.

Marg Hobby
0407 186 011