Stress is a word that we use to describe when we are feeling overwhelmed with a task or situation, when everything seems too much to manage, and we feel under pressure.

At times we can use this energy to motivate us however there are times where this does the opposite and stops us from actioning anything at all.  Our stress can have a detrimental effect to our physical health.

Like Cathy, who felt so stressed that she would get angry at the slightest of things, even at work. One day she had an argument at work and walked out, never to return. We heard that three weeks later she had a heart attack. For a long time Cathy had continually compromised her health, and put up with tight muscles, and was always with a cough, or cold.

We need to take notice of when we’re not feeling well, as these are indicators of stress, and we need to look at how to deal with this. Cathy knew that in order to manage this stress she needed help.

Generally speaking, men may find that they push their emotions and pain away during stressful times, thinking that it will go away soon. They try to escape from it, and may find that they feel more stressed during times where they’re having difficulty performing, achieving, or
competing. They would rather go hit a ball, to release the stress, than to sit and talk through what and why they have this pain.

The key here is not to put up with pain, managing stress can be taught. It’s about finding what strategies work for you, and who can help you through this.

I believe I can help you.

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