Deciding – to make the Decision or Not!

Why is it important?  Why is making the decision such a big deal?

Do you think your target would be more defined once you made a decision?

There’s a big difference between deciding you want to get married and deciding you want to marry Freddie!

What’s the big deal?  Let me ask you – what is the decision you have made?

If it were to get married, you might decide to marry anyone – after all that way your goal will have been achieved.

Whereas if you decided specifically to marry Freddie, there’s a fair chance the emotions propelling you forward to make that decision are totally different.  You love Freddie, you can see yourself making a life with Freddie and fulfilling your dreams.  You are committed to the relationship with Freddie.

The motivation behind your decision to get married could be very different if your goal were to get married.  Perhaps you wanted to be able to live in another country, it was a way of running away from home, you were in love with the dress in the shop window, you were in love with the idea – there could be many reasons behind that decision.

And just how do you decide – how do you make that decision, whatever it may be?

Are you the person who makes a list of the pros and cons and somehow evaluates your final decision?

Do you need more information?  How much information do you need before you make a decision?

Is certainty a big factor – you are looking for a guarantee?  What sort of guarantee would give you the certainty to make the decision?  If you were getting married, for example, what guarantee do you have then – are you looking for a money-back guarantee?  Do you think you could be responsible for the outcome you achieve or are you the person who believes it all rests with the other person?

Are you looking for something outside of yourself to reassure you that you are making the right decision or do you rely on your instincts – you have a good feeling about it?

Do you think about your values and align those values with the other person involved.

Does your decision making strategy work for you every time?

Perhaps you think about what making the decision will do for you. Who do you need to be to make the decision that will work for you?

Perhaps you are wondering how the outcome will affect you. What will it give you, what will you get, where you could go once you have made that decision and why is all that important?

Presumably you might give more consideration to a decision to marry someone than you do to buying your green groceries and, yet, the way you go about making that decision could be very much the same.

The real question is – are your decision making strategies working for you?

Are you an impulse buyer who suffers buyer’s remorse after the event or do you give careful consideration to your buying?  Do you see it, weight up the pros and cons, does it fit your criteria and then buy or not buy?

What is your criteria?  Have you given thought to that – what do you really want?  When you have what you want, will that give you what you are really looking for?

Are you a one time convincer or do you need to be convinced several times that this is the right decision for you?  Or perhaps you are the person who will never make a decision and if you are that person what do you do then?  Do you just not make a decision and leave it to someone else and then feel resentment because you did not get what you wanted.

What would happen if you made that decision and then committed to it so you could have what you wanted – do you think that is something that would work for you?

When you make the decision for all the right reasons, the right reasons for you, you will be empowered and you will feel more confident and committed to your outcome and, above all, you will feel really great about yourself and then, who knows what – your next decision will be made with more confidence, certainty and commitment.

Whether you make the decision to be the person who makes his own decisions to move forward in his life, to do the things that you need to do so you can have what you want or whether you decide to stick with the status quo, live with regret and later in life tell yourself … if only…. that decision is entirely up to you.

Every champion deserves a great coach – why not you?

I welcome your call when you have made the decision