How many people start off a conversation like that? Or, perhaps, it’s more like – … this will only take a second – and half an hour later they are still there.
We’ve all heard of time management and we all know there are only 24 hours in the day for everyone – so how is it that some people seem to accomplish more in that same 24 hours than others?
I don’t think there is a “one size fits all” answer to this and if there were, I would suggest it lies in what we want. For many of us this is not immediately obvious and we find ourselves on an exploration journey.
Since starting my life coaching business I have become more aware of this by observing both my clients and myself. Knowing why our available time is so important to us gives us focus. When we have an your to resolve an issue or get more clarity around a problem, we are going to be more focussed on getting that resolution and/or clarity and our minds will be more honed in that direction. It’s when our focus is really honed in on getting what we want, all the other things that are popping into our minds and our lives every second of every day have to take a back seat. When we do this, we quickly find a door opens, we find a resolution or a clue to the next step – and we are hooked, albeit for the time we have available, right now. And quite often we have a new insight, an answer, a way forward – whatever we find, we have moved from where we were towards where we want to be.
What is time anyway? Once upon a time there were no clocks, train and bus timetables, TV programs, work schedules etc. There was only night time and day time. It was either sleep time or hunting and gathering time.
Time is a concept created by humans, something to give us a tool to help us organise our lives so we could fill it the way that best served us – and knowing how we are using that allotted time to best serves us gives us a clue to how some people achieve more than others.
Time is something we spend – like money, it is something we waste and it is also something we treasure.
How do we use this precious commodity?
The other day I met this chap who loves to talk. He is a particularly detailed person and spends a lot of time bogged down in minutia and, for him, seeing the big picture is a challenge. Is this serving his need for resolution or some other need – possibly a need for more clarity or even an escape!
Another person I know is a “bottom line” type person – all she wants is to know the outcome and she ultimately spends time addressing issues which could possibly have been overcome had she given more thought time to the process. Is this serving her needs – probably, from the point of view she knows what she wants and then only has to address issues that impact on that outcome and not spend time looking at issues that have bearing on her goal, issues that could be a distraction.
How do you spend/waste/pass/use your time? The only time that really matters is right now. The past is history, the future a mystery and right now is a gift – which is why it’s called the present.
So, what if …
next time you are with someone, whether it be in the office, over dinner, with your kids or wherever, you were to give them your whole undivided attention for the time you have available, right now – how do you think your relationship with that other person will be? How will you feel about that and how do you think that other person will feel – about you, the issue you have been discussing and the gift of time – of being 100% present -you have just shared with them?
After all, the only time that really counts is right now.
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