Hi Everyone

How are you going with that New Year’s Resolution?  Still committed?  Still hanging in there?

Most people who make a New Year’s Resolution have forgotten about them by now and if you are one of the few committed people sticking to your guns, you are already a star.

If you are not committed to the success of your New Year’s Resolution, how does that make you feel?  Is this starting something and not finishing it a familiar pattern for you?  Is this what you do in all areas of your life or do you specialise in one or two areas of your life?

Research has shown that 85% of us suffer from low self-esteem in at least one area of our life. 

  • Do you have nagging thoughts you don’t measure up.
  • Do you find you’re telling yourself, on the one hand you should have done something and, on the other hand it doesn’t really matter that much
  • Do you know what you really want
  • How often do you find these thoughts going through your head
  • Do you find life is a series of guilty obligations of “should haves”, “ought tos”, “would haves”, “could haves”, where you don’t feel in control but at the effect of someone else’s bidding?

Who and what we surround ourselves with has a lot to do with our creating our dreams.  When we create an environment that champions us to be all we can be or that sabotages our efforts, we have made a choice.  Do the people and the elements in your daily life support those values that are most important to you or do you find they are like a cancer, eating away at you slowly and persistently until one day you wake up and feel it’s too late, your life is over, you have been totally cheated of what you could have been, what you would have been had it not been for …..

Does your environment (the people and the events that surround your life) inspire you to be who you were meant to be, is your home and work environment conducive to your happiness and continuing growth.  Does your environment support your excellence, your magnificence, your health, your lifestyle.

Are you living in harmony with your values?  Do you know what your values are – I had someone the other day who told me she had no idea what they were.  How do you think she is going? 

Are you designing your future or are you at the effect of the problems that confront you daily.  Do you live in the area and climate of your choosing, surrounding yourself with plants and animals, music, books, people, and other things that contribute to your quality of life.  Is your free time spent in pursuits that bring you closer to the person you have chosen to be or do you squander your time with mindless diversions.

The bottom line is that every day that you live you are either experiencing by choice or you are a victim of your environment.  You are either living out of your values or are at the whims of your ego.  You are either needy or you are the source of everything that shows up in your life.

You have been blessed with choice.  You get to choose, you have the power to make the choice, to design an environment to support who you choose to be.

Let me ask you:

  1. Do the people, surroundings and circumstances in your life fully support your excellence?
  2. Is today the day you will decide to design your life out of total choice?  I invite you to examine the following areas to see if each fully meets your needs and expectations:
    1. Family and relationships
    2. Occupation, career, lifestyle
    3. Physical environment
    4. Recreation, hobbies and passions
    5. Spirituality.
  3. Do you have a coach or a support team to help you develop a detailed action plan in each area?
    1. Do the current conditions of your life support the person you have decided to become?
    2. What is working and not working about each one?
    3. What elements are missing that, if put into place, would enhance the quality of each area of your life? – Be specific.
    4. What bold actions and drastic changes are necessary to directly address any inadequate areas?
    5. Who is on your team?  Who have you requested to support r coach you in each area you seek to impact?
    6. When will you take action?

A goal with no time attached to it is only a dream.  Take action now.

And remember, record your answers in your journal so you can measure your progress.  If there is no measurement, how will you know when you have arrived?

Every champion deserves a coach – why not you?

Talk soon