In my Creative Writing class the other day we had an exercise where we were to write something about If I lived in a garden.


It occurred to me that the daffodils are just coming out in my garden and they always herald the coming of Spring, a time of new beginnings.  This is what I wrote –

If I lived in a garden …

I would be a daffodil bringing sunshine, happiness and good cheer to everyone after a long dull and cloudy winter.  Daffodils herald the Spring.

Recently I attended a school reunion in Sydney and, on reflection, many of those women were not unlike the long, dull and cloudy winter – seemingly without lots of energy and coming to the end of their used by date.

How refreshing it was to meet up again with some of the other daffodils.  One lady is planning an adventure trip to Alaska where she wants to climb Mt McKinlay – the highest mountain in North America.  I don’t think she is planning on going to the summit, however she will be walking on the mountain before launching into some other adventure.

Spring is called that for a reason – it’s a time when everything is meant to spring into life, a time of new beginnings.

It really came home to me that many of my peers are retiring or coming up to that time in life:  a time to play, a time to flourish, a time to really live, like my friend going to Alaska.

All this is possible for all the flowers and vegetables in the garden provided they do the adequate preparation for that time when they can really bloom.

The new life that comes with Spring is filled with possibilities and excitement and fun and, above all else, the time to really savour the special moments, the time to really enjoy the experiences, the time to really live.

As we take the journey of life there are ups and downs, good and bad for everyone, we all go through rough times when we wonder what might happen.  If there wasn’t this challenge, how would we know we were experiencing a good time or a bad time.  Life is made up of opposites for a reason.

The most exciting and empowering thing is we all have a choice – a choice to decide what we will focus on.  After all we get what we focus on and so why not focus on what we want.

Yes, if I lived in the garden, I would be a daffodil – full of sunshine, happiness and good cheer.


Remember – every champion deserves a great coach – why not you?

Talk soon