Hi Everyone

This issue the subject is Money.  What are your thoughts?

What is money and how is it important to you?  When you think of money, what picture do you have in your mind, what do you hear other people say when they are talking about money and what are you saying to yourself?  What does money feel like, what does having money feel like, what does it feel like when you don’t have money.  What does money give you and what does it cost to have that money.  What are you prepared to do to get money?  How is that important to you?

Lots of questions and, while you may be thinking what a funny lot of questions I wonder whether you have given them much thought before now. 

We need money to function in our culture, to buy stuff, to trade, to exchange for services rendered.  Money is a form of energy.  When there is plenty of money (be that what it may to you) things happen.  On a global scale when there is plenty of money people spend more and do more things, they tend to feel good about themselves and they behave differently towards each other because they can.  They tend to feel there is plenty to go around so they are more ready and willing to spend so they, too, can have more of what money buys for them, be it a posh house, fast car, holiday in an exotic location, pay their bills on time, give their kids a better education, become more generous with their donations to charities, or whatever.

Now, what is the lack of money?  What happens then?  People clam up, they don’t spend as much, and they feel the supply will run dry, they become less generous.  In fact some people become quite mean and nasty.  They feel they need to defend their stash to the death.  They are so totally focussed on the lack of money that is all they see – the lack of money.

Money is energy – like the wind r the water rushing down a raging river – when it flows, things happen.  Many people will remember the massive drought we had a few years ago in Australia and the mouth of the mighty Murray River closed over.  There was no water coming down to wash away the sand, the lakes became saline and the vegetation and ecology of the river system went into decay.  People at the lower end of the river system were blaming people at the higher end for taking too much, more than their share.

And now we have had rain, the mouth has been opened and the water is running down the river, the ecology systems are returning to what they were.  The pelicans and New Zealand seals are all camped on the sea side of the barrages ready for the fish that come down with the flowing waters and life is good again.

Money, or the flow of the energy attached to money, is no different.

How is all that important to me – you might ask? 

Well, let’s think about that for a moment.  What do you do when you do when you are flush, when the flow of money is there for you, like the New Zealand  seals and the pelicans, business is good, people are paying on time so the cash flow is there, and because you feel comfortable you can rely on the cash flow you start to feel good about yourself and begin to spend more too.

You may decide to introduce a new line of product or open up a branch office or upgrade your equipment, for example.  You might decide to invest in property or shares, to have your money working for you.  I always think there’s no point in doing all the work – get the money working for you and not the other way around.

And what do you do when the flow diminishes – if you’re like most people you will crawl back into your shell, haul up the draw bridge and everything comes to a grinding halt.  The flow is stagnant.

Now, how can you have your cake and eat it too – how can you have a more balanced flow of that energy so life is sustained at the level that serves you best?  How can you protect yourself against the hard times and still maintain that flow of energy?

When we look at the Law of Requisite Variety which states that the person or system with the most amount of flexibility wins, we may find the answer.  When you put all your eggs in one basket, you may have a lot of eggs but you have also placed yourself in a very vulnerable position.

To put it simplistically, if three children were to collect the eggs from their chooks and each child put so many eggs into their basket they could end up with all of the eggs when they got home.  However, if one of the children were to fall and drop the basket of eggs, those eggs would probably be broken and they would still have some eggs to take home.

When television came the movie industry began to suffer.  People stopped going to the movies and elected to stay at home.  The movie industry was in a bad way until they realised they were in the entertainment business and when they broadened their horizons – their mindset – the energy began to flow again.

We see examples of this all the time.  How easy is it to haul up the draw bridge and not contribute to the flow of energy?  How challenging and how rewarding is it when we find another way to have the flow of energy go the way we want.  Where our focus goes, energy flows.

So what if you gave some thought to living your dreams and having the flow of energy work for you?  What if you took some time out to re-examine where you are right now and where you’d like to be.  What if you really gave it some thought.  I wonder what you could come up with.  After all if you continue to do what you’ve always done you can only expect to see the results you always got.

Life is about change and change can be a pain in the pocket or you can choose to embrace it like a breath of fresh air.

What will you decide?

Talk soon.