Let me tell you about my friend Choice.

Choice is a beautiful lady who lives with me. Her beauty is in the gifts she has showered on me, the gift of freedom to choose and the sense of empowerment. She is a constant companion, a good listener and someone who leads me to feeling worthy and good about myself. Choice has made me the person I am today.

Choice has a cousin called Curiosity who often comes along. Curiosity is fun, she encourages me to explore and seek adventures. She encourages me to consider all sides of what is presented – you know what I mean –

Shall I or shan’t I

Should I or shouldn’t I

Will I or won’t I?

There is also another side of Curiosity – I wonder … I wonder what could happen if …

Once I would opt for the safe alternative, the familiar because I knew what the outcome would be and I was heavily invested in certainty. Now I find myself following the path of “I wonder what could happen, what might happen if ..”

Have you ever been driving along the road only to find yourself at a crossroad with no signpost? Should I go left or should I go right?

We are all faced with these choices every day. Sometimes the choices are relatively non-consequential – perhaps, should we have cake or chocolate? Sometimes the consequences of our choices have long lasting effects – should I take the red pill or the blue pill – as in the Matrix.

Then there are times when I listen to my gut and go with that choice. One of the things I have learned is that when I go with my gut feeling, when I make that choice, everything turns out as it should and I am comfortable with the end result.

When thinking about how Choice has served me in situations like this in the past, I have been so committed to my choice it just felt right, it worked out. There were obstacles along the way and, seemingly, these eventually parted and let me pass.

It is this level of commitment to a goal that moves mountains and gets us to where we want to be, to become the person we need to be so we do what has to be done to get what we want. This level of commitment comes with an inner knowing called Choice.

Choice also has a dark cousin called Regret.

When growing up I was introduced to Edith Piaf who sang Non, je ne regrette rien – No, I regret nothing. I chose to adopt that philosophy then and there. For me, this meant that whatever choice I made, it was for the best at the time and I had only one path forward.

Regret is one of those people who I have chosen to exclude: he is disempowering, parasitic and negative. On top of that he lacks a sense of adventure and is no fun.

Choice is the person who shared with me that we all have choices. We have the choice to choose to stay where we are, to do what we’ve always done and to get the results we have always had OR we can choose to step outside the bounds of our comfort zone, we can choose to give something a go, we can choose to be brave and see what happens, we can choose to be our own best friend and take care of ourselves, we can choose to take a step forward towards something we have always wanted, we can choose to be the person we know we really are and be brave, be courageous, be confident and reach for the stars.

My friend Choice is very powerful and I am grateful to have her on my team.

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