Do you procrastinate?  Have you ever thought about what is behind your procrastination – is this something that works for you, something that serves you or are you the person who is constantly putting it off for another day and then another bright and shiny object pops up and you are once again chasing rainbows?

Where has your procrastination led you?  Down memory lane … has this practice of procrastination helped you drift off into a world of dreams where you can see all the things that you would like to be doing, where you see yourself being the absolute best you can be so you do what you need to do so that you can then have what you want?

How is your practice of procrastination serving you?  Is this the best tool in your kit to help you get where you want to be?

When we were kids I remember Mum telling me “procrastination is the thief of time”.  She was so right.  We all like to take a little time out and that is great provided we know that what we are doing is just that – taking a little time out for ourselves.

Perhaps procrastination could best be defined if we considered the opposite – motivation.  Motivation means we are driven towards something, a goal.  Nothing is going to stop us achieving what we want.  We hunger for that goal.  It is in the forefront of our mind every waking moment.

Who does that athlete need to be to drive him to his goal?  Some of the following qualities come to mind – focussed – on that goal, dedicated, committed – to excellence, hungry for gold, confident in himself, he believes in himself, he knows what he wants and he’s out there to get it.

And how does this happen, what is he doing to make it all come together?

Think of an Olympic athlete whose dream it is to win gold.  That athlete is totally focussed on winning the gold, that athlete has a coach by his/her side to help keep them focussed all the way.  That athlete will visualise every step of the way over and over and over again.  That athlete is totally focussed on the goal.  There is practice and practice every day more and more practice.  That athlete will be associating with other like-minded people, with other champions.  He will seek out people who have done it before – possibly his coach.  He will have a mentor, someone who can guide him through the forest when everything is not going according to plan, when things go off the rails.  He knows that going off the rails is only temporary and that he will quickly get back on track.

This athlete will be taking care of his body, be mindful of the fuel he is feeding it, be mindful of the qualities of that food and how it is serving his body.  This athlete is the person who loves himself sufficient to take excellent care of his body – the vehicle that he needs to attain his goal.  After all, would a race-car driver put substandard fuel in his vehicle – I don’t imagine for a moment this would ever enter his head – and the athlete knows this.

And what if you applied some of these principles when you caught yourself procrastinating – a change in attitude, a change in direction, a change in purpose, a change in focus.

What if you really decided what it is that you really want, who do you need to be to make those changes, to do what you need to do so you, too, can have what you want.

Are you ready to make that decision?

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