This session I thought I would like to talk about how grateful I am – for everything.

Since my last post lots of things have happened which really made me count my blessings. The truth is where we are right now just could be the best place to be – which could be why that’s where we are there.

Last month I was fortunate enough to go on a quilting tour which took me to Canada and the US, culminating in three days at Houston Texas where I went to the Houston Quilt Festival. There are over 20 million quilters in the US and, as you can imagine, everything is big in Texas. There were masses of beautiful quilts to admire and a huge number of booths where people where showing and selling their wares.

There were over 40 people on tour and we were extremely fortunate to have an excellent tour guide who ensured everything went smoothly. As anyone who has ever been on tour before will tell you, the tour guide will either make it or break it for the tourist: we were blessed to have an accomplished quilter with us as well who was able to offer some guidance along the way.

Well, as quilters go, many of them are very sedentary and, as a result, are not always very fit and many of them have a sweet tooth! It is my belief that it’s important to remain as fit a possible so I can finish off those quilts and share them around!

It was when I got home and started to settle back into things I began to think how grateful I am to have my health and, yes, I do work at it. Our health is really THE greatest asset we have and absolutely necessary if we are to enjoy life to the fullest.

There was one lady on tour with a crutch to give her support. This lady has a degenerative condition and she was determined to really have a great time – she knows she is on borrowed time and values every waking moment.

There were some other ladies who seemed to be totally oblivious to their state of health and I guess they were living in the moment. I just hope they get to sew all the fabric they purchased before they enjoy their last piece of chocolate cake!

The Friday after I got back was the first day of my sewing group and a couple of the ladies greeted me with their news. Both ladies are in their 70s and have just discovered they have a terminal condition. Both ladies also told me how lucky they are because they have such wonderful husbands to give them the support they need.

Relationships are not always about the good times – there are also the times when the chips are down and these are the times when your relationship is really tested. Often these are the times when your relationship really strengthens and grows.

How often have you heard about someone whose child is gravely ill or something happens – usually to the woman (but not always) and her mate has an affair, becomes abusive or just takes off at the very time he is most needed? Who is he making the relationship all about?

We all have our own ideas of how a good relationship will look and how many of us really understand the value of a great relationship and what does that look like to you? How do you maintain your great relationship? How do you make your great relationship even greater?

We are all here for such a short time and wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all have what we wanted. Sometimes things just don’t pan out the way we would like them to be and then we really need to think about things. We have those questions coming at us – what if it were me? How would I like things to be? How would I like people to think of me? How could I make things better for myself (and others) when I feel down?

The key, I think, likes in our attitude. After all if we don’t like something we need to change it and if we can’t change it, then we need to change our attitude. Whatever it is, we will feel better about the situation when we accept the fact that we do have control over our attitude and we all feel better when we feel good about ourselves. As Wayne Dyer was known to say – when you look at things (and people) differently, they appear different to you.

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Until next time


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