Time is the only thing we can never get back.  We talk about spending time, wasting time, marking time, time management, killing time, doing time, saving time and juggling time, to name a few.  Time is extremely precious.

In the Sunday paper last weekend there was a story about a lady with three sons and not long to live.  She wanted to have whatever precious time she has left to spend with her family.

None of us knows when our time will be up – this is a lottery.  My sister was only 57 when she passed away, leaving two gorgeous daughters.  My dad is 93 and lives in an aged care facility.  Sometimes I think he wishes his time had come and, yet he’s still with us and bides his time waiting for the football season to start up again.

When I was made redundant at 59 I celebrated – I felt the time had come for me to really enjoy the fruits of my labours.  For over 40 years I spent time in the workforce with a paid job and now I wanted to use my time for study, to learn how I might be able to help others.  I also spend my time making contribution of some of my time to community which I enjoy and pursing my recreational interests.  In addition, I am able to spend some time with family and to visit them interstate.

A little while ago I was talking to this lady who told me she sets aside one hour a day to spend time with her little son before her daughter and husband come home.

Setting aside time for someone else is very special and in doing so it is really important to also be totally present in the moment, otherwise it is not quality time.  How do you feel when you are having coffee with someone, their phone rings and they just have to answer it?  Who does that leave you feeling?

A while ago I invited some people around to celebrate my husband’s birthday and while they were here some of them wanted to watch the television.  If the television was so compelling they could have stayed at home.  Those people were not present in the moment insofar as celebrating my husband’s birthday was concerned.

More recently there was an article in the paper about little kids acting out – it turns out mum was spending more time on the phone than being present in the moment with her kids and they were doing their best to get her attention.

How many people are on the phone while driving their cars?  Time may be precious to them and so they choose to multi-skill by attending to business on the phone while driving the car – how present are they in the moment – the moment of driving the car and paying attention to what is happening along the way.  I wonder how they feel should the unforgettable occur – where they cut someone else’s time short.

Time with a loved one is a necessary component for a lasting relationship too.  While I know it’s easy to come home after a hard day at the office and just relax in front of the TV, that can quickly become a habit which could harm your relationship unless managed appropriately and set some time aside for your mate.  This could be after the evening meal when the kids are in bed or it may be on Sunday morning.  Some people like to go away for the weekend just to spend some quality time with each other and away from domestic distractions.

So who are you sharing some of your special time with and when you do, is it quality time?

If you find yourself running out of time and there’s just not enough time left at the end of the day, perhaps you might like to take a look at exactly how you’re spending that precious time.

Love to hear your views.

Talk soon