I was reminded the other day about the special gift we have been granted when one of my clients came to see me and we were discussing his goals – the power of choice.

Before we go on, I feel I should explain it is the coach’s job to hold the client accountable to whatever was agreed to be accomplished.  It is the client’s responsibility to do the work required to achieve his or her goals.  The coach is merely the tour guide.  You can’t hire someone to do your push-ups – I think it was Jim Rohn who said that.

My coaching journey has taught me many things about people and one of those lessons relates to the choices we make and the reasons we have for making those choices.

I guess it really comes down to really knowing what you want and what you are prepared to sacrifice to get it, what your commitment level will be, how disciplined you are prepared to be to achieve your goals.

When choosing the goal you want, just how committed are you?  Will you persist no matter what or will you choose to allow yourself to be distracted by the soft option – some immediate pleasure?  Maybe you need some help to really define that goal and to look at your purpose – what is the driving force behind your wanting that goal.  Is that driving force sufficient to keep you focussed on your goal?

Goals don’t need to be huge; they just need to be specific.  My friend Judy was sharing a situation with me the other day – she was visiting someone who had just found their aged grandmother on the floor when she went to visit with her baby.  There were certain things that needed to be done and Judy took the baby so the friend could go about her business and wait for her parents to arrive from interstate.  My friend said to me – you know, sometimes it’s not easy to know if your actions are intrusive or not at a time like that.  We both agreed it depends on your intention.  What did you choose to do?  Whose needs were being met?  Did you choose to take the baby to relieve the mother of one more thing she had to think about at that moment or did she take the baby to fulfil a need of her own?  Which was the higher need at the time?

And I got to thinking about the client and his goals. At any given time we are presented with some stimulus or another – something or someone knocks on our door – and it’s the time between then and when we respond that we make that choice.  Do I watch the TV or do I plan my next step of my project?  Which action is taking me closer to my goal?  If the TV program was about the subject of the project, then perhaps that was the best choice.  If the TV program was merely a distraction, you then need to choose whether you welcome that distraction because it allows you time to fulfil some other goal, to think, to recreate or whatever or whether you chose that distraction to escape your commitment to your goal.  If it were the latter, then there is possibly some more thinking and choosing to be done.

Are you being honest with yourself when you make that choice?  Are you acting in alignment with your principles and your values?  Are you maintaining your integrity with the choice you have made?

How committed are you to your desired outcome?  Are you choosing to make the most of an opportunity that has been presented to you or are you looking for a reason.  Reasons are wonderful convincers but they don’t pay the bills, only results do.

What will your next choice be based on – a compelling reason or a goal driven by passion and commitment, fuelled by integrity and totally in alignment with your values?

Talk soon.


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