The Sounds of Silence

Why Silence?

Have you ever noticed when you’re walking through the forest it isn’t always easy to spot wildlife?  And when you stop walking, become still in your gait and still your mind – the silence descends.

At first this is a little foreign to many of us and soon the silence gives way to the sounds of nature and the various animals and birds begin to move.  This is when you can really appreciate nature and the silence that brings nature to life.

Would this be something you could use?  When do you get your best ideas – when nature comes to life?

What is silence anyhow – just the absence of sound?  Or is it more than that for you?

For some people, silence is the opportunity to recharge your batteries, a period which follows chaos when you can gather your thoughts and put them in order, not unlike defragging your computer.

The introvert welcomes the sounds of silence for just this purpose.  This is a time to rest, a time to re-charge, a time to become totally centred and a time to create and a time to be still.

For the extravert, silence can take on a totally different meaning and often he will become uneasy and feel like a caged tiger.  The extravert is the party animal who uses the people around him as his special time to re-charge, to become creative and to shine.

How do you get what you want?

How do you get that silent time to meditate, to pray, top sit and think, to re-charge your batteries?

Time, after all, is our most precious asset and, sadly, once it’s gone, it’s gone.  There is no getting it back.

So have you worked out whether you crave some silence, to look after and nurture the inner you or maybe you’re the party animal who thrives on the energy of those around you.

I think it comes down to knowing what you want and then planning it in your day.

In some countries there is a public call to prayer when people stop what they are doing and pray.  Your time doesn’t have to be quite like that if that’s not what you want.  Nevertheless you can decide what your best time is and make that your special time to be silent.

Right now, as I’m sitting here writing this, silence is precious and I hear the warbling of the magpies and the twitter of the canaries, the sun is just coming in the kitchen and the peace is restful, empowering and vitalising my very being.

My ideal day starts off like tis and for about half an hour to an hour I really enjoy this moment to get my stuff together, enjoy a hot cup of tea and read or write and generally prepare my day.

Life hasn’t always been like this and when I travelled to work in the city every day I used the time on the train for my quiet time.  For some, it may be late at night after the light has gone out and before they drift off to sleep.

A time for reflection, a time for gratitude and, above all, a time for self.

And when you see someone who seems a bit quiet, be conscious of their needs – perhaps they are just using that time to be silent.

Want to know more, send me an email and we can arrange a chat.  When you come from a good place, your intention is to honour yourself and the other person, only good can come from the experience.

Talk soon