Hi Everyone

Time – is this real or just a man-made concept?

We talk about saving time – so where does it go – do we have an account somewhere like we have an account at the bank where we can save our money?

Is it a bit like daylight saving – where you get to spend it at the end of the day?

We talk about wasting time.  Where does it go?  Down the drain like water when we leave the tap turned on?

We also talk about time passing us by.  What does that mean?

I think time is a man-made concept so we can organise ourselves and our thinking.  We talk about the past, the present and the future and this gives us structure.

We look back at what was and we look forward to Christmas and now is a gift and that is why it’s called “the present”.

If I were to ask you – Where’s your past?  Where, in relation to your body, would you point?  And if I were to ask you – Where’s your future?  Where, in relation to your body, would you point?

Have you noticed there’s a line from the past to the future?

And whereabouts along that line do you spend your time?

For some people, it’s in the past.  How many people talk about “the good old days” or “when I was your age …”?  Are you one of those people?  Sometimes we all do this.

What are you thinking when you go there?  What are you seeing, hearing and feeling?  What specifically are you feeling?  What emotions are you feeling?  It’s our memories that we revisit from time to time – what emotions are they stirring up?

Are these emotions serving you in a good way or are they hindering your progress?

What can you change about the past – what can you change about what has already happened?

If your memories of the past work for you – great.  If not – what can you learn from those memories that will serve you in the future?

When you think about the present, what comes to mind?  This is NOW.  What are you doing with your time?  Now is the start of tomorrow and the end of yesterday.

As you reflect on the results you have achieved to date, are you where you want to be?  Or do you wish you were some place else?

If your results are not what you want – NOW is a good time to do something about your situation.

And what about the future?  When you look into the future, what do you see for yourself?

Goal setting has many merits and when it’s all done properly, your results will come. 

When I was a conveyance we would get a contract with a settlement date for the sale or purchase of a house.  The settlement date was the time component of the goal and people would move heaven and earth to make it all happen on time.  The team involved often included banks, the seller, the purchaser, other conveyancers, removalists and sometimes there were several banks involved.  This usually worked well with everyone shooting for the same goal – it was a great motivation and you got organised.  It meant you needed to understand how long some processes took to effect and so you learned quickly the need to prioritise the various activities to achieve the desired result.

So what about your future?  What do you see for yourself?  Who’s on your team?  How will you get it together?  How will you ensure it turns out the way you want?  What could impede your progress?  Do you have a plan?  What other resources do you need to bring it together?

What are you focussing on – the past, the present or the future?

How will you spend your most valuable commodity – time?  After all, once it’s gone, it’s gone – it’s not like money where you can always get some more – there’s no clawing it back.

Are you ready to get started NOW?  Procrastination is the thief of time.

Every champion deserves a coach – why not you.

Talk soon.