Why are you here?

Have you come for a purpose?

I think we all come for a purpose, we all have work to do and gifts to leave, to share and enjoy.

I have just read Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life – How to Finally, Really Grow Up by James Hollis. One of the questions he puts to the reader at the end is

Where has life blessed you, given you a gift? And what have you done with that gift? How have you accepted the responsibility that goes with it?

WOW is that powerful or is THAT powerful?

We all have our own gift to share and I feel we all have a responsibility to share that gift and to teach others the value that gift brings.

Now I’m thinking about my sister-in-law – she and my brother have 4 adult children, each of whom is now making their own way in life.

My sister-in-law is a home-maker. She used to live in northern NSW where she had a beautiful garden over acres of land. The garden was a real credit to her and one of her passions.

Her other passion is her children. Sister-in-law is also a primary school teacher which gives her an outlet for her gift. However, I feel her real gift has been bestowed on her own children, all of whom present to the world as being well-balanced, responsible young people who, in turn, love their families and are now sharing that same gift.

It’s the gift of love – a love that nurtures and supports, empowers and promotes understanding and acceptance. The members of that arm of the family are all different from each other and the rest of the world – as we all are and yet there is that feeling of being home when I’m around them and I see it when others are in their midst as well.

Why is all this important – how can it help me, you might ask.

While we all have our hurdles in life to negotiate, I feel having a safe and supportive home (base or whatever you may call it) is a healthy positive and essential component of wellbeing. We need this to give us the space to recharge our batteries, to heal our wounds and to recover from life’s challenges we all face on a daily basis.

Being able to have a safe environment in which we can share our losses, our challenges, our knock-backs and whatever else, gives us the opportunity to regroup, to rebuild and get up when we’re knocked down, to get out of bed the next day and have another go.

When we have purpose in life, we are on a mission, we have direction, a reason to get up and have another go, to make our contribution to the world and to leave an awesome legacy.

And how do we go about all this? What do we do, who do we need to be?

When we know what it is we want, we have something to focus on and since we all get what we focus on, it makes sense to focus on what we want.

And the question is –

Who do you need to be, to do what you need to do so you can have what you want?

Let me know when you’re ready to explore this – I’d love to hear from you.

Talk soon