Your Inner Critic

Have you heard that little voice in your head telling you what to do lately?

What do you do when it’s just so persistent, It just won’t leave you be?

It may comfort you to know we all have a little voice inside us telling us off, telling us what to do, what we should have done, what we should have said and so on.

Have you ever wondered what that little voice looks like? Are you someone who has to put a face to a voice? You know, when someone rings you on the phone or you hear them on the radio.

Man people create an image of what that person looks like. Somehow it seems to make the voice on the other end of the phone or on the radio seem more real. Very often when we actually meet that person, they are nothing like what we imagined.

Well, it’s the same with that little persistent voice in our heads. So, what does your little voice look like?

My little voice is a green blob and I have to say, she hasn’t been around for a while, well her presence has not been quite so much in my face, as it were.

Some time ago someone showed me how to get rid of her persistent nagging and complaining, an experience for which I am forever grateful.

I know she (the little voice in my head) was really doing her best to be helpful and to keep me safe for which I am truly grateful. However I felt she was taking over my life. She was sucking the life out of e with all her nagging and complaining. Nothing was ever good enough, nothing was ever right and she left me feeling tired, apathetic and totally disinterested.

What a great day it was when I met that person who showed me how to quieten her down and keep the nagging and complaining at bay.

Would you like to know what I did?

First, I drew a picture of what she looked like and that made her more real. Then I gave her a name.

The next time she started the nagging and complaining, I could see who I was talking to and I turned to her and said

Thank you Lovely Green Lady for taking such great care of me but I’ve got this one covered today

And, to my absolute delight, she went away.

A few days later she came back and we had a similar conversation. Since that time she hasn’t bothered me and I found she often lets me take the lead. Sometimes she even offers me a compliment or sys something like Interest or Fascinating.

I found that when I honoured her and acknowledged her presence, she was not so persistent and in my face. The best part is that I feel much better and I think she does too.

Until next time

Marg Hobby

Wellness Coach Adelaide